Is education overpriced?

The cost of education keeps going up each day.

There is a large number of students who keep enrolling for different courses today. Among the students, it is not all who make it to graduation. Some of them have to drop out of school because of the increased tuition fee. Education is nowadays overpriced.

When a student joins a school, they all have hopes of having a bright future by securing a well-paying job after graduation. To some of the students, this remains a dream that they do not achieve at essayswritingforme the end. While hoping for a bright future through education, students do all they can to raise the required college fee. Some end up taking loans to pay for their education. When the time comes for them to search for jobs, not all of them secure well-paying jobs despite investing much in education. In a case where students become jobless and still want to pay their loans, they end up not getting the value for money they used for school fees. The overpriced education is now useless to such students.

Education is also overpriced since it is not only the tuition fee that students will pay. The students need to pay for accommodation and other expenses while studying. The price for the services is sometimes exorbitantly high since the facilitators take advantage of the high demand for such services. When a company offering accommodation to students see that many students need assistance, they take advantage of their desperation and hike the prices for accommodation. The students also need to buy books and many other materials to use in school. When you sum up all the expenses, then students spend a lot of money on education.

The high cost of education is also because the sector is part of the economy. In some cases where there is inflation in a country, the government stabilizes the economy by collecting funds from all sectors of the economy, and education is not an exception. The government, therefore, raises college fees to fight inflation in the country. The rise in tuition fees is a disadvantage to many students. The economy of the country now decides the hiking of tuition fees in learning institutions.

The overpriced education is also because of the development projects initiated essays-writing-for-me by the schools. At any given time, there is always a development project that is running in any learning institution. Most of the institutions now wish to comply with the current technological advancements and want to have modern facilities. The development projects are costly, and this amount comes from the pockets of students. The institutions will now increase the fees that students pay to cover for these projects. The onset of any development project in a learning institution, therefore, translates to increment in tuition fees.

Education is indeed overpriced today. Some of the people now opt to explore other sectors like business and farming, to evade the high cost of education. Despite the overpriced education, it is worth it since the lucrative jobs require graduates. The government should intervene and make education affordable to many to avoid denying some people a chance to study because they cannot afford the fees.