Preparation for Standardized Tests

Do You Spend Too Much Time Preparing for Standardized Tests?

Standardized tests refer to questions that are given to students to be done during a given set of time. These tests have the same problems and are marked in the same manner and used in grading the students the same way. Students’ performance in this test is always significant to their future success. Hence, both teachers and students need sufficient time in preparation for the same. Standardized test provide an equal leveled ground where all students can be given a fair judgment

Preparation for a Standardized Test

The preparations can be overwhelming. Therefore, the students must familiarize themselves with the nature of the test’s demands. This will include the topics to be tested, what type of test is it computer-based or put on paper, will it entail open-ended answering or choice answers. Such information will help you not to spend too much time preparing for the standardized test.

There isn’t an easy way of preparing for your standardized test; however, you can make your preparation methods as simple as possible. Test your ability to understand and familiarize yourself with the question structures so that it will not be confusing when set in a slightly different manner. This will also help in building your confidence for the test.

Start reading for the test as early as possible. This will help you organize the topics to study and give adequate time to do the most difficult ones.   You will also allocate some time to practicing whether you have memorized the essential points.  

Although a standardization test is being used to create an equal platform for students, it may not feel like so since it creates tension among and between the involved parties. Students often have the pressure to achieve the best performance for them to graduate. The students’ understanding measures the teachers’ working ability, and the institution’s success is determined by the learner’s results. This nature undermines the main objective and idea behind standardization tests.

Standardized tests eliminated certain subjects, such as arts, humanities, and foreign languages. It also limits students to choice answers denying them the opportunity to engage in improving their skills. These are skills such as writing skills, critical thinking, and finding ways of expressing your thoughts into writing. Since the introduction of standardized tests, teachers lost the real purpose of teaching students to sure they have grasped the content; instead, nowadays they teach to ensure students pass exams. This is simply because the teacher’s work output is determined by the student’s performance in the test.

How Standardized Tests Improve Education

It has helped to provide equality among all students. Different groups of students now have the same opportunity to express their abilities. It has bridged the gap between students from low earning income and those from wealthy families. Those with disabilities are also considered to ensure no student is left out.

Standardization tests help in the provision of objective measures that will be used as a tool for evaluation when the need arises. This could be in an application for the scholarship, for admission into a higher level of learning. This would be reliable information that cannot be distorted.

The objective of standardized testing is to create a fair opportunity for students to achieve their best, it also has adverse side effects to both students by enabling them to graduate or not, based on their results. Demoralize teachers as they are rated by their student’s performance.